We've got the power!

Renderfarm means dozens of computers working together. Our weakest computer has 16 cores. And we don’t mean to brag, we just mention it to make him blush, develop and build-up (what is taking place anyway!).

You won’t find here plain pc computers. We have only rightful servers ready for continuous and ceaseless work! Don’t pity nor feel sorry for them, they really like it. Rendering is their passion and they can keep doing it for weeks, taking no breaks, even during nights. And no single one complains.

Our great computability power is available for your projects on a 24/7 basis. Thanks to automatic rendering process and MyFarm application the holidays don’t exist and there are no weekends for us.

The farm is rendering whenever you want her to do so. During day and by night - the computers don’t look at the time. (To make sure of that – in a special air-conditioned and secure server room we didn’t put any clock).

But what would be the point of having even the greatest computability power if you had a limited access to it. Probably none, you can access our remote rendering farm through two independent 20 MB symmetric links. It ensures convenient and easy sending and downloading even heavy files from MyFarm.

Make use of all of that wonders and create your beautiful 3D visualizations! But if-by mistake- we get to know that you are rendering some bad, bad projects... well, we know nothing about design anyway. What counts for us is counting.

Application is in beta test

MyFarm – is currently In Beta!

We are looking for testers. If you need some renderings done, please sign up to Myfarm application for further information and get 2500 free Credits.

At that moment we support the following render software:

  • 3ds Max (2011 and up)
  • Maya
  • Blender

Render software plugins:

  • mental ray
  • v-ray 2.5 (for version up to 2013)
  • v-ray 3.2 (for version from 2014 and 2015), 3.4 for 2016

Application is in beta stage - so it may have some minor glitches.

Go to MyFarm!

In case of any questions - please contact