Terms of service Regulations

These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") set out principles of access and use of Internet service together with its My farm application (hereinafter referred to as "Service"). The registration in Service is tantamount to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Regulations.

I. General Provisions

1. Service is run by Renderfarm Sp. z o. o. with the seat in Kraków [Poland], located at the address: ul. AL.P?K. W.BELINY-PRA?MOWSKIEGO 55 apt 2, registered in the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000345053 (hereinafter referred to as "Service Provider").

2. Regulations set out the principles for implementing services in Service.

3. The services provided through Service consist in enabling User to carry out the calculations concerning the rendering - the automatic creation of animation and advanced graphics using the computing power of the Service Provider’s  servers (hereinafter referred to as "Services").

4. Service Provider is the administrator of Users` personal data.


Service - Internet service with its My farm application through which the services of remote rendering are provided in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations.

Regulations – these Regulations are the regulations referred to in Art. 8 Paragraph 1 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Electronic Services, available to Users through

Price List – a price list of services available on the Service site.

User – a natural person of lawful age, a legal person of lawful age or an organizational unit without legal personality having a legal capacity who has registered in Service.

My farm - an application forming part of Service that allows the use of Service through a web browser.

Registration – the registration in Service using My farm application, which consists in giving, depending on the type of User Account, the following: name, surname, electronic mail address (e-mail address), mobile phone number (optional); company’s details (in the case of business entities): company name, NIP/VAT number, telephone and address details: street name and house number, postal code, city name, country.

User Account - a collection of resources and entitlements in the Service computer system available to natural persons within the individual account and also for the other categories of Users within the business account. The account has its unique name (login) and protected by a password. The authorisation process in Service requires obtaining access to User Account by entering an account name and a password.

Farm Credit - units of account used by Service corresponding to the amount value paid by User for the use of Service.

Farm Calculator - a programme used to estimate the cost of Services.

Project - a file with the extension, subject to the rendering as part of the Service provision.?

?II. Principles of Service Use

1. The registration in Service is tantamount to the acceptance of terms and conditions of Regulations.

2. While registering in Service, User agrees to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.

3. Renderfarm Sp. z o. o. provides a remote rendering service with respecting the confidentiality of all information received. Each project has its own temporary account which is automatically deleted after 30 days from the Services provision by Service Provider. Services provided through Service are fully automated. Only User has access to the results of their project implementation. Only at the request of User or in case of technical problems, an intervention of Service Provider may take place.

4. Services provision is possible only after the prior ordering of Services and meeting all the requirements referred to in Paragraph III below.

5. The conclusion of the Agreement concerning the Service provision shall take place upon the delivery to Service Provider of the Services order placed by User through Service.

6. User who is not a natural person that can operate only on their own behalf represents that they are entitled to Registration and the conclusion of the Agreement referred to in Paragraph 5 above, in the name of the represented entity.

III. Fees

1. User using Farm Calculator located on the Service Website obtains the information about the estimated cost of the ordered Services which is in accordance with Price List. The estimated cost of Services is the value of Services in the currency selected by User and converted into Farm Credits.

2. The purchase of Farm Credits is possible exclusively by paying a sum of money equivalent to the credits value in to the Service Provider's bank account through the PayPal online payment system.

3. The order of Services requires prior acquisition by Farm Credits User in the amount equivalent to at least the estimated value of Services specified under Paragraph III, Subparagraph 1 of the Regulations.

4. Once Services have been performed, Service Provider will draw out of the User Account the equivalent cost of Services as specified in Paragraph III, Subparagraph 1 of the Regulations and issue a VAT Invoice, which will be available in User’s account.

5. Due to the complexity of the projects, Farm Calculator determines the estimated price, which may differ from the price of the services provided. When Services have been provided, Service Provider may therefore be obligated to purchase additional Farm Credits equal in the total value of the required surcharge within 14 days.
6. After the purchasing by User and drawing out by Service Provider of their account the required surcharge, Service Provider will issue a VAT Invoice covering the surcharge value, which will be available in User’s account.??

IV. Scope of Responsibility

1. Service Provider shall provide the highest quality of the Services performed and make every effort to ensure trouble-free provision of Services.

2. Service Provider is not responsible for the excessively overloaded Internet connection of User, as well as other inter-connections.

3. Service Provider is not responsible for disturbances in the functioning if Service Website caused by the unlawful interference of Users, which is, by no means, dependent of Service Provider.

4. Service Provider is not responsible for the rendered contents included in Project, which are subject to Services.

5. Service Provider is not responsible for the consequences of actions resulting from sharing a login and a password to Service access by the third parties.

6. In the case of the need to make changes and improvements in the system or maintenance or equipment failure, Service Provider reserves the right to a temporary interruption of the services provision. Users will be notified of the above mentioned technical breaks and their duration through e-mail.

7. It is prohibited to transfer by User Projects containing images, films, sound files and other materials not related to the Services provided, as well as contents which violate the mandatory provisions of law.

8. Service Provider does not guarantee the date / time of the services provision, because it is not possible to estimate the exact time of the services provision. If the services are not performed within 14 days, User has the right to withdraw from the Agreement.???

V. Complaints

1. The complaints concerning the operation of Service and the Services provided shall be submitted by User the moment any irregularities are found out in the provision of services by electronic mail to the following address:

2. The complaints lodged by Users will be considered by Service Provider that shall commit to a fair examination of the circumstances of irregularities.

3. The complaints will be considered by Service Provider within 7 days from the date of their notification.

VI. Intellectual Property Rights

1. User represents that they holds all exclusive rights to the delivered Project to the extent necessary to conclude an agreement with Service Provider and to fulfill the agreement referred to in Paragraph II, Subparagraph 5 of the Regulations, including the right to exercise the derivative rights and to order to perform derivative works to the third parties.

2. In the event of filing any claims by the third parties arising from violations of their rights, in particular intellectual property rights, in connection with the performance of the agreement with Service Provider, User will be obliged to pay validly awarded legal representation costs, court costs, and to pay damages or costs awarded against an amicable settlement incurred by Service Provider.

3. Service Provider shall not acquire any rights to Projects delivered to them by User. Where, in connection with the Services provision, any kind of work will be created which will be derivative work from the delivered Project, all of the rights to the work will be vested in User only.

4.  Name, brand, graphic design, drawings, images, software and databases that are part of Service are owned by Service Provider and are subject to a full legal protection.

???VII. Personal Data Protection

1. Personal data provided by User will be processed for the purposes of Services performance and legally justified purpose, that is direct marketing of goods and services. These data are protected and processed in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws Dz. U. of 1997 No. 133 item 883 as amended). User has the right to the access of their personal data and the right to correct the data. Providing personal data by User is necessary to provide Services. User  is responsible for providing false personal data.

2. User is obliged to update the information given in the registration form as soon as any change in these data has been made.

3. Should Service Provider have any reasonable doubts if User has provided true, correct or current information during Registration, Service Provider reserves the right to verify it. Service Provider will show User a way of making probable of the data required during Registration through a message sent to the e-mail address provided by User during Registration. Service Provider has the right to:
- call User to immediately remove false information or to update the data;
- immediately block User account for the time of clarification of the above matter.

4. Service Provider may disclose personal information to entities authorised  under the applicable law.???

VII. Final Provisions

1. Service Provider reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Regulations. Amendments shall enter into force on the date they are made available on the Service Website. Orders placed are executed basing on Regulations at the time of conclusion of the agreement referred to in Paragraph II, Subparagraph 5.

2. The condition for the continued use of Service is to read and accept by User the new Regulations in their entirety together with the amendments.

3. In case of a change or cancellation as a result of a final court judgment, of any of the provisions of these Regulations, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and are binding for the Parties.

4.  The Parties shall amicably settle any disputes which may arise in connection with the execution of this Agreement.

5.  In case of bringing a case before court, the dispute will be resolved by the court having the jurisdiction over the registered seat of Service Provider. If User is a natural person not running business activities, the jurisdiction shall be determined on the basis of the appropriate generally applicable laws.

6. To all matters not settled by these Regulations, the relevant laws and regulations in Polish law shall apply.

7. Regulations come into force on the day of its publication on the website. 




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Render software plugins:

  • mental ray
  • v-ray 2.5 (for version up to 2013)
  • v-ray 3.2 (for version from 2014 and 2015), 3.4 for 2016

Application is in beta stage - so it may have some minor glitches.

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