Price list

Rendering with RenderFarm is fast and bills are simple!

You pay for only what you actually use during remote rendering. Rendering price depends on used GHzh. Price starts from ~0,05 EU  per GHzh and decreases progressively up to ~0,027 EU (VAT included) Render more and faster, it comes out cheaper! 

We could also present a boring bar graph that shows if you render more, the cost of GHzh is lower. Instead, we present a machine that is doing MOO!

Below numbers and price are estimated.
Power needed:
Render time on your computer:
Render time on Renderfarm:

Application is in beta test

MyFarm – is currently In Beta!

We are looking for testers. If you need some renderings done, please sign up to Myfarm application for further information and get 2500 free Credits.

At that moment we support the following render software:

  • 3ds Max (2011 and up)
  • Maya
  • Blender

Render software plugins:

  • mental ray
  • v-ray 2.5 (for version up to 2013)
  • v-ray 3.2 (for version from 2014 and 2015), 3.4 for 2016

Application is in beta stage - so it may have some minor glitches.

Go to MyFarm!

In case of any questions - please contact