how does it work?

The rules are easy
you do your projects, we render them.

Our computers truly adore rendering. Probably the same way as yours like to design - so don’t bother them with something that is boring and takes a lot of time. You do your stuff and our computers will take care of the rendering. And there are many of them! Just go online and use MyFarm – a system specially created by us – to quickly and easily complete your 3D animation. 


We know that some of the advanced projects require continuous supervision and we have it under ceaseless control as well. In such a case you will receive a remote access to it through so called “remote desk”.

In order to work smooth with more complex project, we can provide Virtual Private Network. Therefore you can check the status of the orders, percentage of execution time and manage any number of orders on board. But if you prefer to use the FTP client - feel free to do it, we are also prepared for it.

RenderFarm is not only the safest and fastest possible solution. It is also the most convenient available one.

With RendeFarm you can be sure that your projects are in good hands (well, to be exact - on a very safe hard drives - we don’t even get to see them). If you want to feel even more secure or your Clients request it – we can also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Application is in beta test

MyFarm – is currently In Beta!

We are looking for testers. If you need some renderings done, please sign up to Myfarm application for further information and get 2500 free Credits.

At that moment we support the following render software:

  • 3ds Max (2011 and up)
  • Maya
  • Blender

Render software plugins:

  • mental ray
  • v-ray 2.5 (for version up to 2013)
  • v-ray 3.2 (for version from 2014 and 2015), 3.4 for 2016

Application is in beta stage - so it may have some minor glitches.

Go to MyFarm!

In case of any questions - please contact