How can I start using Renderfarm ?

There are a few options:
1 - For a non-copmplicated projects we recomend using our MyFarm application, which allows complete self-service - without any delay from our side.
2  -  For greater projects - please contact us - we can provide you a remote desktop session or create link to our network using VPN tunnel.

What are the payment options ?

In case of using MyFarm application, our service is a pre-paid. After registration in MyFarm application, You can buy renderfarm credits using PayPal.
In case of other forms of accessing the Renderfarm, we provide invoices. For long-term cooperation we can sign contracts.

How can I prepare my files for use at renderfarm ?

1) Define in scene file desired output format, and set up any save path. Please notice, that saving through vray framebuffer is not supported. please avoid using relavite paths in your scene file. Using the option Save as -> Archive (in 3Ds Max) or File - Archive (in Maya) or File ->External Data -> pack into .blend file (Blender). If the software you're using got you through that process with no errors or warnings - you're ready to upload files. Please make sure that viewport is unlocked (for 3DSmax), also please avoid using any diacritic signs in the scene/materials filenames.
Attention vray 3.0 users - please turn off Embree in vray system settings.

How can I upload files to renderfarm ?

In case of samller files (~200 MB), we suggest using MyFarm application. If your archives are larger, or in case of tother form of Renderfarm access - we reccomend using any ftp client software.

How can I login to ftp acount ?

If you haven't used our Renderfarm yet, please contact us.
Ifyoure' using MyFarm application, your ftp login data is the same as for MyFarm application.
The ftp host can be found at this address :

What for are the parameters ROWS and COLS in sigle frame rendering ?

With it, we can split single frames into fragmens, that could be calculated on different machines. Number of fragments will be calculated as rows x columns (in default case 3x2 = 6 tiles). Tiles are assembled automatically.

How should I split my frame into tiles ?

There's no easy answer for that. It really depends on the scene's resolution, complication, rendering bucket size and 'uniformity' of scene. In most cases - with increasing resolution, more tiles will get the job faster - but tiles shouldn't drop below 400x300 pixels.

How can I get vray render elements saved ?

Please define exr as output format in your scene file, and set saving render elements into it.

My job is queued - what does it mean ?

It means that we're quite busy and your job waits in queue 'till some resources will become avalible. Queue works in FIFO mode, so the order of calculating jobs is determined by placing them into queue.

Application is in beta test

MyFarm – is currently In Beta!

We are looking for testers. If you need some renderings done, please sign up to Myfarm application for further information and get 2500 free Credits.

At that moment we support the following render software:

  • 3ds Max (2011 and up)
  • Maya
  • Blender

Render software plugins:

  • mental ray
  • v-ray 2.5 (for version up to 2013)
  • v-ray 3.2 (for version from 2014 and 2015), 3.4 for 2016

Application is in beta stage - so it may have some minor glitches.

Go to MyFarm!

In case of any questions - please contact